Gonna Hate or Love "wordrobe" by 8utterfly - Album Review

Fukuoka native 8utterfly performed in clubs under the stage name, Koyumi. She quickly changed her name when she had her major debut in 2013 as an Jpop and R&B artist. In 2011, she had two songs ranking in the daily Rekochoku charts which was unheard for an unknown artist at the time. As per her site biography, 8utterfly is known for writing "songs that make you cry".

wardrobe is her 6th album, released in July 2017. It is a 13 song compilation, 48 whole minutes of contemplating whether it's a hit or miss. Honestly, the album started great. The intro was an adorable take on singing in your room while shuffling through the closet. Mata, Raise De was a nice continuation: catchy and simple. It sampled a chillstep instrumental and showcased a fluid emotional build; the song starts with a low range to create a solemn mood and then presents uplifting high notes at all the right moments.

On the opposite side of things, there were some songs I absolutely couldn't stand. Literally physically cringing in my seat, listening to the strained, out of tone (?) vocals. And it isn't a good sign when the 3rd song is one of unfortunate bunch. Saigo no Sayonara, Saigo no Kokuhaku needed just that little more auto-tune. Maybe, a lot more. Thankfully, the album continued with its dubstep good vibes in Itsudatte Kimi no Tonai feat. SNEEEZE fr Ninja Mob. Here, I noticed how raspy her voice can be sometimes and I liked it! This song reminded me of Nigirilis which is not a bad thing at all.

Actress was a cheesy, retro electrobeat number. Somewhat forgettable, as was the ballad, Mikazuki. When Mitomenai Mitomenai came on, the musical joy ride full on stopped. She struggled in this track and I struggled to listen. Kienai Shogai No Koi was another average jpop ballad and Dare Demo Ii Feat. Sloth was another borderline interesting chillstep track and Chiisana Love Story ~ Soredemo Kimi Ga Suki ~  another karaoke-sque number. Sadly by this point, my impression of the album was slowly waning into the abyss. Then came Hanareru Itami Wo Shiru Tameni, a typical feel-good ballad.

The closet - Interlude - seemed out of place; though I'll always appreciate any music box song any day. But, but Aka no Ito dug me out of the abyss! Its chorus was simple yet moving and all that I needed. Surprisingly I loved the lower range and stressed, wavering vocals. When in all of the tracks, I felt like some of the notes weren't in the right pitch or the tone felt off. Be it subtle or extremely noticeably. What a shame because small details took away from strong and solid melodies.

I came into this album blind. It was just supposed to be a fun pop album given the trendy pastels and doodle covered cover art. It turned out to be quite different than expected. You can't judge a book by its cover, surely. Some songs I loved, some songs I hated. Alas, one man's junk is another man's treasure!

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