One More Light Flickers Out - A Tribute to Musicians

As the world discovered today, Chester Bennington passed away at the age of 41. The lead singer of Linkin Park, father of six, friend to many. If you search the internet and read comments on articles, they're full of how Linkin Park helped so many people get through tough times. How music helped cope and heal. How music brought joy into their lives. Amongst the sadness and tears, people were connected through their stories and memories. For me, it brought comfort knowing how a band and their work has positively influenced people from all around the world.

A lot of artists suffer from mental illness, darkness and demons, problems the general public would never know about. Maybe even the closest of friends and family would never know about. Especially if you are in the spotlight and have a large audience. Can you even begin to imagine what goes behind the curtains, what lies behind those wide eyes, what lives beyond a voice?

With each death, another light goes out and the world appears much darker. Maybe it's because as I grow older, I become more aware of death. So many people seem to be suffering from the same problems and yet often times, I feel we are very much alone in our experiences. It's easy to feel alone despite not being alone. If you know anyone in a similar position, please reach out to them. Your presence and support will bring comfort.  If you feel like it's too much or even just someone to talk to, there are countless of resources available. Please don't give up, my friend, please don't. 

You know, if there's one thing music does best, it's bringing people together. To bring comfort over tough times, to bring understanding over confusion, to bring happiness and sadness and every feeling in between. Every person holds a light, with each comes a certain, unique beauty unparalleled and essential to this universe. I'll leave you with a line from Linkin Park's One More Light...

Who cares if one more light goes out?
Well I do