Tei Shi - Electric Whispers of Indie Pop

I apologize for the lack of content on this site; the cycle of school and then studying (mostly lazing around) has gotten out the best of me. Not to mention I've been trying to fight my own demons, trying to find out what's the next step for me now. A dream no longer at the front of my mind. It hasn't helped that no new Japanese music acts have peaked my interest in the first half of the year or so... Thus, I've been listening to mostly domestic and European artists!

Seems proper to celebrate Canada's 150 birthday with a discovery of an amazing electropop artist from the Great North. Tei Shi was born in Argentina before her family moved to Vancouver. Berklee College graduate and now New Yorker, she released her first EP, M&Ms, in 2013 and most recently, made her major debut album, Crawl Space in 2017.

It's great to support fellow Canadian artists and it's an easy job when they produce some of the coolest music out there. Tei Shi delivers indie pop creations that are easy on the ears and heart. Her high, whispery vocals are like velvet ice cream on a hot summer's day. They just melt and blend together into an incredible puddle of musical glory. Synths drip into layers, delicate drums become echoing ripples, and melodies, so magnetic, you can't help but get drawn into the atmosphere. A weird blend of vigorous catchiness and low-key softness. I'm honestly digging her sound and hope others do, too. 

Personally, Say You Do is an instant recommendation but you can discover the rest of Tei Shi's beats on Spotify!

Official Site // Youtube