Tired - Feb '17 Playlist

“As the sky prepares to settle its tired, aching feet into the night’s velvet slippers I settle, into my armchair, soaking the teabag, of my thoughts, into warm liquidy stars.” - Sanober Khan

I hate my tiredness. 

I hate how I don't feel as excited about past hobbies. Or how I feel like I need something more in my life. Or how I feel trapped in this town, in this city. Or why I left Tokyo in the first place. I hate the way my past weigh me down and my future tears me apart in different directions.

There's so much frustration and confusion in my life and I wish things were different. Which is why I decided to give up on why the start button wasn't working and turn the gears of this rusty machine myself. So, now I am solely writing on this blog and working on a few secret projects. I don't know if I did the right thing, I never do. However I needed a challenge, so I gave myself not one but two. 

Albums & EPs:

  1. Coloring Book by Chance The Rapper
  2. Beautiful Lies by Birdy
  3. No One Is Lost by Stars
  4. Conscious by Broods
  5. Your Name. by Radwimps  


  1. Watashi by Ai Otsuka
  2. Take That by CRUISR
  3. I Can't Control Myself by Strange Names
  4. Cocoa by AAA
  5. Tokyo Girl by Perfume 
  6. Fire by Shota Shimizu
  7. Kagoesou na Kisetsu Kara
  8. Love by Lana Del Ray
  9. That Don't Sound Like You by Lee Brice
  10. God, Your Mama, And Me ft. Backstreet Boys by Florida Georgia Line