LANY - Soundtrack for Daydreams

Music is constantly on in my house. It's on when I wake up, before I sleep. It's on when I'm working, studying, eating, or doing absolutely nothing. Which rises the problem of choosing what to listen to. I need music to make me feel and the vast inventory available is overwhelming. Hit or Miss can be the caption of my life. However, upon occasion I find a band to fall completely in love with. LANY falls under this rare category. Their music makes me feel so comfortable, at ease and peace amongst the chaos and busyness of routine life.

The trio band is literally the soundtrack for daydreams. Their "dreamy pop with an R&B spirit" sound is crafted so well. Light melodies, soft instrumentals, and complementing beats are done so professionally yet have this unpolished touch to it. The mixing is superb, just the right amount of fills and instrumentals between verses.  The instrumentals never overtake Paul's clean, slightly whispery and smooth vocals. The quirky additions of grunts and sounds of hitting the volume button is extra icing on the cake. Their songs put me into a lull, make me want to loosen my tie, kick off my shoes, and lay down. At the same time, their songs have this upbeat catchiness that get me up on my feet and onto the dance floor.

2016's kinda is a recommendation I would give to anyone. From the first note, I was hooked. My thought process went a little like this: "I like it. I like it. I LIKE IT!" They won me over, quick. I had to shout out to the world how much I loved these 6 tracks. The EP has the natural, calming aura of tides washing over the sand as well as the building restlessness of waves crashing against sharp coastlines. The electronic elements feel organic, the percussion brush against your ears, and the transitions and arrangements are done with such ease.

In WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS, I knew this was going to be a memorable adventure. From the single C note that appeared and stayed. I am a sucker for single notes that remain constant throughout the whole song. It creates a hypnotic vibe and forces other instruments and elements to add spice and character. But the melodies, man. Those are what shine through. Sentimental lyrics about love and home and friends. They're incredibly relatable and sometimes too heart wrenching relatable. 

Clear your current playlist and put this magnificent trio on. In a few seconds, you'll be grooving to the mellow tracks in all their musical glory. Dancing in the sun and sand, thinking of all things warm, happy, and pleasant. 

LANY - From LA, USA founded in 2014

Members - Paul Jason Klein (Vo, Key, Gui), Jake Clifford Goss (Dr, Perc) & Les Priest (Key, Gui, Vo

Links - Official Site // Youtube // Twitter