EP Review of Asymmetry by Negoto

Wow. It's been so long since I've listened to Negoto. Ever since 2011's Charon, I skipped most of their releases. This is going to be an interesting end to 2016. Negoto's latest creation is a four track EP, titled Asymmetry though this collection is anything but lacking in balance. This collection in completely in line with the band's electronic pop style I fell in love with 5 years ago. It's dusted with a heaping of quirk and indie charm; not too little and not too much, just enough for the ears and mind. (An issue I had with some of their releases.) 

Asymmetry: Great song and loving the visuals in the pv. The kick is strangely calming, Sachiko's vocals aren't straining, and the synth is back! A minute in, the song backs up and shifts to a slower tempo. The vocals  are muted and the mood becomes ethereal, suspended as if you're floating in space. The energy rushes back and fades into this dubstep instrumental. The song's overall feel is uplifting and energetic. I want to jump in the air and dance! 

holy night: Strange coincidence it is to listen on Christmas Day. The song opens with frequency bubble pops, which almost sound like dj scratches. It's really cute, actually. But not so cute when it's just always there. The bass is prominent and glorious in its simplistic plucks. I enjoy the interesting production aspect more than the melody. 

Tenshi ka Akuma Ka: I get strange Sakanaction and Noanowa vibes from this whole EP. It's specially noticeably in the third track. The background percussion reminds me of a couple of Sakanaction's songs. It's a resemblance I don't mind. Pumping beats of pop-synth with claps and hits of percussion blend nicely with whispery vocals, giving it a mysterious charm. 

school out: Tension builds from the get-go. Steady low synth and rotating hi-hats, repeating background vocals and descending melodies. There's a moment where the synth sound circles your head and it brings out goosebumps. This song is slightly dark, slightly enticing, and just plain captivating. If you like this sound, I highly recommend you check out Rabbit's self-titled album. And yes, that's the band featuring Ai Otsuka. 

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