Single Review of Sakanaction's Tabun, Kaze.

My feelings about Sakanaction's Tabun, Kaze. can be summed up in four words:

I don't like this.

Oh, if music reviewing were that easy, I could have saved hours of energy and effort on my blog. But since I'm an (amateur) reviewer, I'll put more effort in. 

I don't like this because it lacks the originality Sakanaction is known for, the glorious rhythmic flows of bass, drums, guitar, and keys meshing together to create a hypnotic whirlwind of melodies. Where is the spark? Because it's no where to be found in Tabun, Kaze. What starts off with a seemingly strong hook, ends up being an unimpressive dud. An all too familiar melody. Give me something interesting and challenging, Sakanaction. Give me refreshing, emotional songs about certainties, not maybes. Moon has the same problem, where the intro sounds like recycled material. Not even the Hiroshi Fujiwara Remix of Rookie gets me going. 

I'm keeping my hopes up for their next album because maybe in another context, these songs will create a different atmosphere. For now, I'm going to go back to listening to their masterpiece eponymous album.

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