Thoughts in Knots - Dec '16 Playlist

"You can't "right" this shit, but you can "write "it. And do I have a hell of a book in me." -Joely Fisher

This year, I have never felt so alone and so loved. When I was abroad, there was moment where I wanted to drop everything and return home. I ran away from people, just to see how much they meant to me. I ran away from problems, just to see if the pain would go away. I also ran away from myself, ignoring what I really needed. I forgot to take care of myself and let my body and mind rot. But down the road, people came and offered their support and love. I never knew such a warmth existed on earth. For that I am grateful to have experienced another year on this weird planet, survived another orbit around a gigantic star. And as time continues on, I will fight for the beauty of the world and the magic that is life. 

Albums & EPs:

  1.  Body Talk - Robyn 
  2. Remember Us To Life - Regina Spektor 
  3. Page Four - Page Four
  4. Surrender - Hurts 
  5. Echos - Echos
  6. Interwined - dodie 
  7. Spotlight OST - Howard Shore
  8. Coasts - Coasts
  9. Cradle of Eternity - Suzuhana Yuko
  10. Asymmetry - Negoto
  11. Pop Psychology - Neon Trees
  12. Endless Optimism - Esla & Emilie
  13. Aun - Massan x Bashiry


  1. Whole Heart - Gryffin, Bipolar Sunshine
  2. Stop for Nothing - courtship.
  3. Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites - SKRILLEX
  4. Tonight - Lykke Li
  5. Sexual - NEIKED ft. Dyo
  6. Klip - Jimilian ft. Blak
  7. Fare, Fare Krigsmann - Autokarma
  8. Til deg - Marthe Wang
  9. Fem fine frøkner - Gabrielle
  10. Firestone - Kygo ft. Conrad Sewell
  11. Breathe - Lauv
  12. Departure - Exist Strategy
  13. Calling Out - Penguin Prison
  14. Disco Crimson - CQ
  15. Last Song - CQ
  16. Nocturne (Pierce Fulton Remix) - EDEN
  17. I Was King - One Ok Rock