Focus - Nov '16 Playlist

"Diversity is our greatest strength, it enriches our lives, it strengthens our society, and it unites us as a country. It is our most cherished value." - Anita Vandenbeld

2016, it's been wild. Too wild. November has been filled with crazy events. With the ever present hatred in our world, I really wonder if we're going to be okay. I've been more vocal about my opinions and more active in trying to be a better person. My sudden fierceness and energy has surprised some friends and family since generally I'm quite a soft spoken person in real life. I think, on the other hand, this fire has always been burning inside of me. This fall, another match added to the flames. Keep burning bright for change. 

November has had its ups and downs. At least, there's always music to ease the pain and to heighten the joy. Enjoy the random photo of some multicoloured flowers I took while in Japan. I thought it'd be nice to add another layer of personality to these monthly posts. 

Albums & EPs:

  1. Ketsunopolis 10 - Ketsumeishi
  2. Tatou - Marble Sounds
  3. Distortion - THIS IS JAPAN
  4. Mobile Suit Gundam Unicron RE:0096 Complete Best by Various Artists
  5. Wings - BTS


  1. Dear Diary / Fighter - Namie Amuro
  2. I & I - Leola
  4. Ame Uegari - Nina lovegood
  5. Metro - PUPUPU LAND
  6. Modern Lies - Ykiki Beat
  7. Akogare - Mitsume
  9. Born to Bleed - coldrain
  10. Throne - Bring Me The Horizon
  11. Akane Sasu / everlasting snow - Aimer
  12. Into You Cover - Da-ICE
  13. Over and Over - Goo Goo Dolls
  14. Thief - Ookay