Akane Sasu / everlasting snow by Aimer (Single Review)

Aimer couldn't have timed her 13th single more perfectly. Reflecting the colours and tones of the seasons, Akane Sasu is a lovely tribute to autumn and everlasting snow to winter.  Returning to her roots, the double A side single is a pleasant addition to her discography of heart-aching ballads. Akane Sasu serves as the ending theme for the fifth season of Natsume's Book of Friends.

The warm Akane Sasu brings us on a walk through the autumn foliage. Its lyrics leaves us with animated bird chirps, leaves dancing in the chilly fall air, and the sky so crimson it seems to be glowing. I feel as if I'm breathing in fresh earthiness, admiring the world in its natural beauty as it turns towards another season. I can taste bitter saltiness as I swallow back tears and bid goodbye to those who cannot come along with me. That's the imagery this single gives. Aimer writes her own lyrics under the pen name, aimerrhythm and she has yet to disappoint on delivering stories through her lyrics. As expected, Aimer delivers a beautiful and bitter ballad once again.

On the other hand, the melody is a little weak, technically speaking. It's disappointing since the composer, Shunsuke Tsuri is responsible for the masterpiece Even Heaven. If you listen closely, you can hear bits where Even Heaven made an influence. I'm still very happy with the outcome of the single. It brings back sounds of Sleepless Nights, a sorrowful tone sprinkled with sugary sweet notes. The piano brings familiar comfort. I really believe it's the instrument of choice for Aimer.

everlasting snow follows up the same art style shown in Nemuri no Mori and Mine. A charming girl who's in for a magical Christmas surprise. Like the whimsical mood of the festive season, the song is decorated with wind chimes and lavished with soothing strings. A traditional Aimer ballad wouldn't be complete without a dusting of English. Here, the references to classic holiday cheers and carols is a nice feature to indulge in. With Aimer bringing listeners together with her sweet ballads, no one is truly alone this winter. 

Plus the 5th anniversary live of Katamoi is just icing on the top of this single! It's such a gorgeous song full of feel good vibes. This single has done its job in making me HYPED for the next album. I'm crossing my fingers for another trilogy of sorts!

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