Million Yen Women is a Netflix Masterpiece - Review

Million Yen Woman is the latest Japanese Netflix Original to cross the seas. A tale about five different women and a single man who live together in the same house. They have seemingly never crossed paths in their lives before until one day, five women offer a million yen each month to live with Shin (Yojiro Noda, Vocalist of Radwimps). There are rules in this household and there are rule breakers. This drama is based on a manga and is one the best adaptions to come to life in 2017. It was thrilling, exciting, heart wrenching, funny, and at its very core, a beautiful experience.

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Gonna Hate or Love "wordrobe" by 8utterfly - Album Review

Fukuoka native 8utterfly performed in clubs under the stage name, Koyumi. She quickly changed her name when she had her major debut in 2013 as an Jpop and R&B artist. In 2011, she had two songs ranking in the daily Rekochoku charts which was unheard for two unknown artists at the time. As per her site biography, 8utterfly is known for writing "songs that make you cry". wardrobe is her 6th album, released in July 2017.

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One More Light Flickers Out - A Tribute to Musicians

As the world discovered today, Chester Bennington passed away at the age of 41. The lead singer of Linkin Park, father of six, friend to many. A lot of artists suffer from mental illness, darkness and demons, problems the general public would never know about. Maybe even the closest of friends and family would never know about. Especially if you are in the spotlight and have a large audience. Can you even begin to imagine what goes behind the curtains, what lies behind those wide eyes, what lives beyond a voice?

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Tei Shi - Electric Whispers of Indie Pop

Seems proper to celebrate Canada's 150 birthday with a discovery of an amazing electropop artist from the Great North. Tei Shi delivers indie pop creations that are easy on the ears and heart. Her high, whispery vocals are like velvet ice cream on a hot summer's day.

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How I Got Into Japanese Music (Part 1)

If you were ever wondering how a Canadian kid from the 90s got into Japanese music and then moved halfway around the world to Tokyo for a year, this is my story. 

At the young age of 9 or so, I was first exposed to the world of Japanese music. For a young Canadian kid to hear music in a different language from halfway around the world,  this was actually pretty incredible. This was ages before I really knew what the internet was capable of. For all I knew there wasn't nothing beyond instant messaging and Neopets. We're talking about how Youtube wasn't even a thing yet. 

Back on track, yes, I was in elementary school in Canada. Sure, we had anime streaming on the TV: reruns of Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, and Beyblade. However, the majority of those shows featured English songs. My first, true experience with Japanese music was thanks to a certain someone. 

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Why I Didn't Enjoy ONE OK ROCK's Ambitions

I skipped through the entire album. Probably a misjudgment on my part as a reviewer but hey, it's how I reacted to this supposedly solid album with sure hits. I was not impressed with the Ambitions declared by ONE OK ROCK. The whole album was chiseled and sheened to be a shiny pop rock album. And that was the whole problem. It felt so manufactured and calculated. So out of touch of what I want. So in touch with what I should have expected. 

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