Thoughts in Knots - Dec '16 Playlist

This year, I have never felt so alone and so loved. When I was abroad, there was moment where I wanted to drop everything and return home. I ran away from people, just to see how much they meant to me. I ran away from problems, just to see if the pain would go away. I also ran away from myself, ignoring what I really needed.

SKAM: A Look from a Musical Perspective

SKAM is the latest hit teenage drama, hailing from unlikely Norway. Its starking realism has hit the hearts of people all around the globe with stories of friendships, breakups, relationships, sexual assault, mental illness, and homosexuality. But what exactly sets this show apart from the hundreds of young adult series already in the market?

Akane Sasu / everlasting snow by Aimer (Single Review)

Aimer couldn't have timed her 13th single more perfectly. Reflecting the colours and tones of the seasons, Akane Sasu is a lovely tribute to autumn and everlasting snow to winter.  Returning to her roots, the double A side single is a pleasant addition to her discography of heart-aching ballads.